We Shoot

  • Portfolio

    Portfolio photography is all about your image, the one and only you. It can be your profession, what are your thoughts and how do you feel, about you and your skills and experiences. We portray you for your Websites social media, for your growing little ones and also for matchmaking. Or just to cherish and celebrate being you.

  • Engagement

    The beginning of your journey together we capture all the candid of the process of becoming bride and groom. And all happy faces those brings two families together.

  • Prewedding Couple shoot

    We spesially do the creative shoot, not awkward moments, what only matters is your happines and you should be in love naturaly! 

  • Haladi, Mehendi, Sangeet Ceremony

    These are small but must done ceremonies, where the celebration begins and reaches to the high point at wedding. All those light but precious moments, which makes the family, family we capture. The blessings of elders and enthusiasm of young ones we capture all.

  • Wedding Rituals, Reception

    We capture all the retuals meaning fully and artisticaly and capture very details of these important events.  And also the formal celebration of the wedding that is reception.

  • Prenatal Photoshoot And Baby Photoshoot

    The big milestone of life which changes everything, those moments when you experience the love the most, yes prenatal and postnatal! We would like to capture those rare moments for you. We do this shoot with lot of care.


  • Naming Ceremony, Vratbandh

    The ceremonies are just not the rituals but reasons to cherish the moments of blossoming childhood of sons and daughters, we will definitely there for you!


Behind The Camera

Hi, I’m Shubhangi,

Wedding event is a really challenging task for the families and have to handle various types of situation. I think making the event successful is also my responsibility as a photographer.

Pre-wedding meeting with families and couple, visualising the event is very important step of my workflow. Because what remains in the end are photographs and videos to cherish!