I’m Shubhangi Manish

A Photographer and an Artist

For me wedding event is a celebration of life!

I like to click that exact candid moment, when all the feelings of happiness, affection and satisfaction brighten the faces. Being a lady photographer, I can easily get in ladies group to find perfect angle to click! Doing wedding photography is not just the opportunity to provide a memorable experience, but To be part of someone’s most important day in their lives and creating beautiful memories is very rewarding.

Wedding event is quite a challenging task for the families.  They have to handle various types of situations. Photographer also plays an important roll in making the event successful.  Pre-wedding Meetings with families and couples, visualizing the event is very important step of my workflow. I like to know my clients and giving them a positive and friendly approach makes my pictures lively. Because what remains in the end are photographs and videos to cherish!

Being an educated Fine Artist the camera and the lenses are my canvas and brushes that I paint with the light. Being an artist composing different angles, finding and capturing beauty is my nature. I like to work with those who welcome creative ideas for couple shoots, clicking decorative elements like flowers, wedding goodies, ornaments sari-borders and earrings. Making a painting with one click, gives me satisfaction of creation in very less time! That is why I like to work in this medium of Art.

I thank my clients who supported me. They are not just my clients now but friends for life! I and my camera still are witnessing their happy moments!

So would you like to see yourself? Leave it to me!


It is you who can make the photoshoot a success. Without your Support and willingness Art is not possible for us